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Introduction of SAP TM

SAP Transportation Management is free application composed of SAP AG to support the transportation and logistics needs of various industries. This application takes to the Transportation Management Software advertise. It enhances the architecture of SAP's current transportation solution for manufacturers. The SAP TM enables you to deal with all inbound and outbound local and global freight in the same environment and provides trace ability. And also the visibility of orders, shipments, items, and logistics processes in SAP TM.

Introduction of SAP TM

There are many TM solution available in the market. In any case, as other SAP solutions, SAP TM is one of the best solutions for transportation business. SAP TM solution has been intended for transportation and logistics requirement of all businesses and supports them to reduce transportation costs and upgrade logistics performance and adaptability.

It is a best Transportation Management System in SAP designed to manage all parts of transportation processes inside your organization, including transportation planning and optimization, freight tendering and charge management.  SAP TM Course covers the full scope of methods of transport like air, ocean, rail, and road. It is designed for both shippers and logistics service providers.

Necessity in today’s TM

Transportation and logistics also play an important role in these days. For example, the need for transportation has increased immensely because of the trend to outsource services and to relocate production centers to Asia. Of course, this want has also resulted in expanded transportation costs in terms of overall logistics costs, that is why there is increasing a focus on the standardization and optimization of transportation logistics.

Faster, more accurate and more flexible the requirements for the control of goods moves are getting even greater. Logistics chains are more complicated and faster in a globalized world.  Using appropriate information software is required in order to meet these requirements. SAP TM is information software that ensures the efficient handling of transport. The system maps the entire transport process, from accepting orders, planning and executing delivery through to calculating and invoicing freight costs. It is easy to use and secure for business partners to access selected information.

SAP Transportation Management

Why Should use of SAP TM

There can be many reasons to invest in SAP TM, a few insensible to most sensible. Few common issues throughout industries which force you to spend money on SAP TM Module

1. Freight procurement is a headache

Facing issue in purchasing freight and establishing agreements with customers with strategic freight management and collaboration portal integration.

 2. Order visibility is nil

SAP TM offers the exceptional mixture of tracking and achieving the crystal clear visibility.

3. Customs law is painful

Customs clearances, sanction party screening, dangerous goods regulations and loading procedures can easily be managed by the standard integration of SAP TM with SAP EHnS and SAP GTS.

4. Customer and vendor invoicing, profitability evaluation is not effective

SAP TM integration with SAP ERP FICO provides the standard function to take care of your requirements.

5. Dynamic business and complicated rules

SAP BRF plus is the correct place to write your logic and it is easily available with every SAP TM system.

6. Warehouse is disconnected with transportation solution

SAP TM and SAP EWM integrated solution is the right way for your business and proper solution for your problems.

7. Manual transportation planning is inefficient and erroneous

SAP TM optimizer is the proper tool to automate the planning process. Now you will have more time for your sparkling air breaks.

SAP TM functions

Transport Order Management

The order management integrates orders and jobs, other things, from SAP and non-SAP structure. It is also possible to automatic enter orders into the TM system. Downstream processes are then automatically triggered in the TM system and generate the transport requirements relevant for the planning.

Transport Planning and Optimization

The transport planning and optimization can be done automatically taking account of limitations, such as variances, costs, available capacity, prioritized transport routes. Graphic features, such as the map integrated into the planning cockpit and visualized vehicle space optimization support the transport planning.

Transport Tendering and Carrier Selection

The transport tendering and carrier selection can be done manually based on choices through a tendering process. Logistics orders are automatically transmitted by E-mail, fax. A web portal provided by the TM system enables cooperation with logistics partners.

Transport Execution and Monitoring

The transport execution and monitoring ensure the monitoring of the transport execution process. Timely and accurate information concerning the execution of transport enables a reduction in response times.

Transport Processing

The transport processing of invoices and credit notes for invoicing transport is done through a standard integration with SAP ERP.

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